The night is almost gone

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Verse 1
The night is almost gone
The day is near at hand
The veil will soon be rent
That veils the Saviour's face
The huge clouds that cover our sight
Shall soon be swept off from our view

Verse 2
Lift up your heads, for your
Salvation draweth nigh
See, the sun in splendour
Behold the sky grows bright
Ye saints of God, rejoice, be glad
The Lord our God will soon appear

Verse 3
If men in mockery, laugh
If they would not believe
But, you believe His word
He cannot deceive you
And when the world will pass away
Ye shall behold His glory then

Verse 4
The Lord has provided
For you a mansion bright
There is no sorrow there
But joy forever more
Ye saints of God, your joys begin
Ye shall soon hear the angels' voice