O Holy Dove, from heav'n descend

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    Verse 1
    O Holy Dove, from heav'n descend
    Lift us up on Thy wings divine
    Lift us above, the lusts and pride
    Above the world and all it's sins.

    Verse 2
    We long to see Thy throne O God
    High up in heav'n, within Thy courts
    The blessed Saviour sits up there
    And reigns with Thee in human frame

    Verse 3
    The saints of God around Him stand
    All thrones and powers before Him fall
    The Lord appears in human frame
    And sheds His glory all around.

    Verse 4
    O God, when will the day draw nigh
    When I fly to Thy courts above
    And join to fall down before Thee,
    To adore Thee, and sing Thy praise.