O King of mercy, from Thy throne on high

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    Verse 1
    O King of mercy, from Thy throne on high
    Look down in love, and hear our humble cry.

    Verse 2
    Thou tender Shepherd of the blood-bought sheep,
    Thy feeble wandering flock in safety keep.

    Verse 3
    O gentle Saviour, by Thy death we live;
    To contrite sinners life eternal give.

    Verse 4
    Thou art the Bread of heaven, on Thee we feed,
    Be near to help our souls in time of need.

    Verse 5
    Thou art the mourmer's Stay, the sinner's Friend,
    Sweet Fount of joy and blessings without end.

    Verse 6
    O come and cheer us with Thy heavenly grace;
    Reveal the brightness of Thy glorious face.

    Verse 7
    In cooling cloud by day, in fire by night,
    Be near our steps, and make our darkness light.

    Verse 8
    Go where we go, abide where we abide,
    In life, in death, our Comfort, Strength and Guide.

    Verse 9
    O lead us daily with Thine eye of love,
    And bring us safely to our home above.