O Lord my God, on Thee I'll call

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Verse 1
O Lord my God, on Thee I'll call
I am in pains, O hear my cry;
When floods of water cover me
Forbid that my heart should backslide.

Verse 2
Thou Lord art friend of the infirm
To whom shall I make my complaint?
If not to Thee, and only Thee,
Who calls the miserable to Him.

Verse 3
Who has e'er wept to Thee in vain?
Has Thou e'er shunned anyone's cry?
Art Thou not the One who promised
No one shall e'er seek Thee in vain?

Verse 4
This could have been my heart's sorrow
That Thou Lord does not answer pray'r,
But Thou has been answering my pray'rs
O Lord, Thou has been my helper.

Verse 5
I know I am needy and poor
But Thou God will not forget me
He, for whom Jesus is pleading
Is set free from all his troubles.