Our great Captain and our Saviour

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Verse 1
Our great Captain and our Saviour
These children we give to Thee;
Pray, make them fit for Thy service;
Heirs of life these children are.

Verse 2
Thou the beauty of the Father
Make these little ones like Thee,
Create them in Thy own image
Prepared for Thy courts above.

Verse 3
Make them valiant warriors for Thee,
Soldiers brave and strong we pray,
Strong to vanquish hosts of satan
And to overcome the world.

Verse 4
Let Thy words like coals of fire
In the mouth of Thy children
Burn sin totally to ashes
That our bodies be made whole.

Verse 5
Keep them all for Thy glorious work
And that spotless they may be;
Teach them all how to bear the cross
Each day they live here on earth.

Verse 6
Blessed be the plan of salvation
For the good of these Thy youths;
Deliver them, lead them, watch them
And at last, do save their souls.