Pray, always pray; the Holy Spirit pleads

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Verse 1
Pray, always pray; the Holy Spirit pleads
Within thee all thy daily hourly needs.

Verse 2
Pray, always pray; beneath sin's heaviest load
Prayer sees the blood from Jesus' side that flow'd.

Verse 3
Pray, always pray; though weary, faint, and lone,
Prayer nestles by the Father's sheltering throne.

Verse 4
Pray, always pray; amid the world's turmoil
Prayer keeps the heart at rest, and nerves for toil.

Verse 5
Pray, always pray; if joys thy pathway throng,
Prayer strikes the harp, and sings the angels' song.

Verse 6
Pray, always pray; if loved one pass the veil,
Prayer drinks with them of springs that cannot fail.

Verse 7
All earthly things with earth shall fade away;
Prayer grasps eternity; pray, always pray.