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[John:19:38-42]; [Matthew:27:62-66]; [John:20:1-31].

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“All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth”  (Matthew 28:18).


Wicked Men Did Not Love Jesus
Jesus told people the wicked things they were doing -– lying, stealing, cheating, and many other bad things -– and some of them did not like to be told the truth. They wanted to kill Jesus and get rid of Him. So they told things about Him that were not true and had Him put to death.

Jesus Was Laid in a Tomb
Jesus had come to this earth to be kind to people and to help them to go to Heaven to be with God forever; but instead of loving Him for what He was doing some people were cruel to Him, and put Him on a cross where He died.

There were some men who loved Him, and one of them wanted to put the body of Jesus in a tomb that was entirely new. Jesus had said that He would rise again in three days; so the wicked men put a big stone in front of the door of the tomb so that those who loved Jesus could not take His body away and say that He was alive. They also had soldiers there to watch.

Jesus Rose From the Tomb
Early on Sunday morning a woman named Mary, who loved Jesus very much, came to the tomb, but it was empty. Then she hurried away to tell the disciples that Jesus was not in the tomb.

Peter and another one of Jesus’ disciples ran quickly to the tomb and looked in. they saw the clothes Jesus had been buried in, but Jesus was not there.

Mary had come back to the tomb and stood there crying. She looked into the tomb again and saw two angels dressed in white. They asked her why she was crying. She said that someone had taken the body of Jesus away and she did not know where they had laid Him. Then she heard a sweet voice say, “Mary,” and she knew it was Jesus Who was speaking to her. She was so happy to see Him that she wanted to worship Him; but He told her to go and tell His other friends that He was alive, and that she had seen Him.

Jesus Showed Himself to the Disciples
That same Sunday evening the disciples were together in a room. Perhaps they had been talking about the great things that had happened -– the death of Jesus and His rising from the tomb and being alive again. The door was closed, but Jesus came right into the room and surprised them so much that they were afraid. Jesus told them not to be afraid. To help them to know that He was really Jesus, He showed them the marks in His hands and in His side. Then they were very glad to see Him.

Jesus showed Himself to many people after He arose from the dead and then He went to Heaven to be there again with God His Father.


1. How many days was Jesus in the grave? [1 Corinthians:15:4].
2. Who rolled back the stone? [Matthew:28:2].
3. What day of the week did Jesus rise from the dead? [John:20:1]
4. Who was the first to see Him after He arose? [John:20:14].
5. What did Jesus say to the disciples when He suddenly appeared in the room? [John:20:19].