On the Resurrection morning,

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    CGS No.: 

    Verse 1
    On the Resurrection morning,
    Soul and body meet again;
    No more sorrow, no more weeping,
    No more pain!

    Verse 2
    Here awhile they must be parted,
    And the flesh its sabbath keep,
    Waiting in a holy stillness,
    Wrapt in sleep.

    Verse 3
    For a space the tired Body
    Lies with feet toward the dawn;
    Till there breaks last and brightest
    Eastern morn.

    Verse 4
    But the soul in contemplation,
    Utters earnest prayer and strong,
    Bursting at the Resurrection
    Into song.

    Verse 5
    Soul and body reunited
    Thenceforth nothing shall divide,
    Waking up in CHRIST's own likeness,

    Verse 6
    Oh! the beauty, Oh! the gladness
    Of that Resurrection day,
    Which shall not through endless ages
    Pass away!

    Verse 7
    On that happy Easter morning
    All the graves their dead restore;
    Father, sister, child, and mother,
    Meet once more.

    Verse 8
    To that brightest of all meetings
    Bring us, JESUS CHRIST, at last;
    To Thy Cross, through death and judgement,
    Holding fast.