Reverence is due Thy annointed,

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Verse 1
Reverence is due Thy annointed,
Messenger of Thy holy word;
His position must honoured be,
Give him the praise and honour him

Verse 2
His position is delicate,
His garment must not be spotted,
Let us support him with our love
And humbly listen to his words

Verse 3
Since it has pleased Thee to make him
A watchman to watch o'er our souls,
Grant him patience to lead us still,
Abundance of perseverance

Verse 4
By our actions, not to grieve
Nor his patience us to exhaust;
As his days, so shall his strength be
Give him grace meet for his office

Verse 5
Let us Thy beauty in him see,
Let him grow in humility,
His place as shepherd, let him keep
And know our own place as his sheep