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“Be content with such things as ye have”  (Hebrews 13:5).

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Our Needs Supplied
One day as Jesus was preaching to the people the crowd was so great that they were actually stepping on one another. He taught the people many things they should know so that they could go to Heaven someday. One very important point He taught them that day was that people should not try to lay up many riches here on earth. He taught them that making sure of a home in Heaven was much more important than having much money in the bank or owning many fine things.

He talked to them about the birds -– they have plenty of food and don’t have to work hard for a living. Jesus sees to it that they have plenty to eat. He also told them that the lilies of the field do not have to work -– yet they wear the most beautiful clothing. So Jesus told the people not to worry about what they should eat or drink, because He knows our needs, and will give us everything we need if we do what He tells us to do.

The Rich Fool
Jesus told the people a story of a man who became very rich. His crops were so great that he did not have enough room in his barns for all his fruit and goods. He was storing away as much money and goods for old age as he could gather together. One day he decided to pull down his barns and build bigger ones so he would have more room. Then he could “eat, drink, and be merry.” He did not think of what God would say about that.

Just then a Voice spoke to him. It was the Voice of God telling him that he was going to die that night and leave all his goods behind. God called him a fool, because he had laid up treasures here on earth but did not have any treasures up in Heaven. No doubt, he had thought only of himself and how much money he could earn. Perhaps he was too busy making money to have time to help the poor people and the suffering ones.

That night when the rich man died, he left all his riches behind -– he could not take even a penny with him. When he was born into this world, his fists were closed tightly; but when the time came for him to leave this world, his hands were wide open.

A Rich Man’s Dream
A story is told of a rich man who dreamed that he died and went to Heaven. An angel met him and led him by the hand to show him his home. As they walked along the golden streets they passed by many beautiful homes. Presently he saw a man standing in the doorway of a very lovely home, and recognised him as his former servant. The rich man thought: If my servant has such a lovely home, surely I will have a larger and more beautiful one.

They kept on walking through the beautiful city and the homes were smaller and smaller until there was just a tiny cottage. The angel told the rich man that this was his home. He was very much disappointed when he saw it. But the angel said: “This is all the material you sent up to build it.” It taught him a lesson. Of course this was only a dream and no one will be disappointed in Heaven. No one will be jealous. But it is good for us to remember that we must lay up our treasures in Heaven.

Our Treasure
The treasure in Heaven is our love for God, our love for His Holy Word, our love to work for Him, our love to be with Him always. We lay up treasure in Heaven when we help others to go there –- by bringing children to Sunday School where they may learn about God and about having their sins forgiven. Another way to lay up treasure is to visit the sick people and give them money or food if they need it. Jesus said that if we did kind things to others we were doing them to Him. If we bring many people to Jesus we shall shine “as the stars for ever and ever” [Daniel:12:3]). If we trust Him, have our sins forgiven, Jesus will give us what we need to eat, give us a home, and clothes to wear, and all that we need on earth; but, best of all, He will give us the lovely things He has for us in Heaven.


1. What did the rich man decide to do? [Luke:12:18].
2. What did God say to him? [Luke:12:20].
3. Does Jesus want us to worry about food and clothing? [Luke:12:22], [Luke:12:28-29].
4. What does He tell us to seek after? [Luke:12:31].
5. Who will give us everything we need? [Philippians:4:19].