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[Matthew:5:1-48]; [Matthew:6:9-13].

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“Ye are the light of the world”  (Matthew 5:14).


The Sermon from the Mountain
Great crowds followed Jesus from place to place. Some people had heard that He could heal the sick; some had heard that He did very strange things; some had heard that He said very interesting things, and things they liked to hear. And some people were eager to see the Person about Whom they had heard both good things and bad things. Some people believed the untrue things that the people who did not love Jesus said about Him. But He never did anything that was not good.

Perhaps Jesus went up into a mountain so that He could be heard by many people. He also wanted to teach His disciples the things they should know, so that they could teach other people. He sat down and began to talk to them.

Those Whom God Promised to Bless
Among the many things Jesus told the people, He said that God would bless and make happy those who look to Him for help, those who believe God can do anything much better than they can, and that God will show them how to get to Heaven.

He said God would bless the people who try very hard to do what God wants them to do, and to be what God wants them to be. He said that God would bless those who are kind and patient, and help those who need help.

He said God would bless those whose hearts were clean and free from sin.

He said God would bless those who do not cause trouble for people by saying unkind things about them or to them, by saying things that are not true, by being selfish; or in any other way stir up trouble. They will be thoughtful and kind themselves and try to help others to be that way, too.

The Prayer Jesus Taught Men to Pray
The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, and He gave them the most beautiful prayer, a prayer that has everything in it that men need -– the Lord’s Prayer [Matthew:6:9-13]).


1. How can we be “sunbeams” for Jesus? [Matthew:5:16].
2. What did Jesus say about being angry with our brother? [Matthew:5:22].
3. What should we do if some one strikes us? [Matthew:5:39].
4. How should we treat our enemies? [Matthew:5:44].
5. What did Jesus teach about lending and giving to others? [Luke:6:38]; [Matthew:5:42]; [2 Corinthians:9:7].