Shine Thou upon us, Lord,

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Verse 1
Shine Thou upon us, Lord,
True Light of men, today;
And through the written word
Thy very self display;
That so, from hearts which burn
With gazing on Thy face,
The little ones may learn
The wonders of Thy grace.

Verse 2
Breathe Thou upon us, Lord,
Thy Spirit's living flame,
That so with one accord
Our lips may tell Thy name;
Give Thou the hearing ear,
Fix Thou the wandering thought,
That those we teach may hear
The great things Thou hast wrought.

Verse 3
Speak Thou for us, O Lord,
In all we say of Thee;
According to Thy word
Let all our teaching be;
That so Thy lambs may know
Their own true Sheperd's voice,
Where'er He leads them go,
And in His love rejoice.

Verse 4
Live Thou within us, Lord;
Thy mind and will be ours;
Be Thou beloved, adored,
And served, with all our powers;
That so our lives may teach
Thy children what Thou art,
And plead, by more than speech,
For Thee with every heart.