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[1 Samuel:2:11-36]; [1 Samuel:3:1-21].

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“Many are called, but few are chosen”  (Matthew 22:14).


Answered Prayer
Samuel was the answer to his mother’s prayer. She wanted a son, and God gave her Samuel.

Samuel Given to God
When we promise something to God, we call it a vow; and God expects us to keep our promises or vows. Hannah had promised God that if He would give her a son she would give him back to God. Now she kept her promise. When her boy was still very small she took him to the Temple and left him there to serve the Lord. Perhaps little Samuel helped Eli the priest with the work in the Temple. His mother went up once a year to see him and take him a little coat she had made for him.

God Calls
One night when Samuel was lying down he heard a voice say, “Samuel.” He got up and ran to the old man in the Temple, Eli, who was nearly blind. But Eli said he had not called. Samuel went back to bed; but again he heard the voice saying, “Samuel.” Again he went to Eli, but was told that Eli had not called him. The third time Samuel came to him, Eli knew that it must be God Who was talking to Samuel, so Eli told him to listen to what the Lord would say to him.

The Sad News
The next time the Voice spoke, Samuel answered, “Speak; for thy servant heareth.” God told Samuel that He was not pleased with what Eli had been doing, and God was going to punish him and his family.

In the morning, Samuel arose as usual and opened the doors of their church, the Temple. Eli asked Samuel what God had said to him, and Samuel told him everything that God had said. He said that God was going to punish Eli and his family because Eli had not punished his sons when he saw their sin.

A Great Man
Samuel loved God, and obeyed Him; and God made him a great and good man, and let him work for God many years. Samuel must have helped many people to be good and to love and obey God.

Little Children
When Jesus was here upon earth He loved little children, and we know that He still loves them. Many times He talks to children; He speaks in their hearts. A child is never too young to learn about Jesus, to love Him, and to be saved. Jesus said, “Of such is the kingdom of God.”

“Dear Mother,” said a little maid,
“Please whisper it to me –
Before I am a Christian,
How old ought I to be?”
“How old ought you to be, dear child,
Before you can love me?”
“I always loved you, Mother mine,
Since I was tiny wee.”
“I love you now and always will,”
The little daughter said,
And on her mother’s shoulder laid
Her golden, curly head.
“How old, my girlie, must you be,
Before you trust my care?”
“Oh, Mother dear, I do, I do –
I trust you everywhere.”
“How old ought you to be, my child,
To do the things I say?”
The little girl looked up and said,
“I can do that today.”
“Then you can be a Christian, too.
Don’t wait till you are grown.
Tell Jesus now you come to Him,
To be His very own.”
Then as the little maid knelt down
And said, “Lord, if I may,
I’d like to be a Christian now.”
He answered. “Yes, TODAY.”
--- Anonymous.


1. Were Eli’s sons saved? [1 Samuel:2:12], [1 Samuel:2:17].
2. How often did Samuel’s parents come to the Temple to see him? [1 Samuel:2:19].
3. What did Samuel’s mother bring him? [1 Samuel:2:19].
4. Who called Samuel during the night? [1 Samuel:3:4].
5. Did Samuel know who called him? [1 Samuel:3:7].