Sweet the moments, rich in blessing,

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    Verse 1
    Sweet the moments, rich in blessing,
    Which before the cross I spend;
    Life, and health, and peace possessing,
    From the sinner's dying Friend

    Verse 2
    Here I'll sit, for ever viewing
    Mercy's stream in streams of blood:
    Precious drops, my soul bedewing,
    Plead, and claim my peace with God

    Verse 3
    Truly blessed is this station
    Low before His cross to lie;
    While I see divine compassion
    Beaming in His languid eye

    Verse 4
    Love and grief my heart dividing,
    With my tears His feet I'll bathe;
    Constant still in faith abiding,
    Life deriving from His death

    Verse 5
    Lord, in ceaseless contemplation
    Fix my thankful heart on Thee;
    Till I taste Thy full salvation,
    And Thine unveil'd glory see