Thou who art fount of all good things

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Verse 1
Thou who art fount of all good things
We want to do Thy will,
What is it we can give to Thee
Thou King of all the earth

Verse 2
Lord, in this world Thou hast the poor
Who are Thine own people
Their names Thou promised to confess
Before Thy Father's throne

Verse 3
And when they cry out in their pain
It is Thy cry, we hear,
When we rise up to care for them
We are caring for Thee

Verse 4
Jesus, accept our offer-ing
Bestow Thy blessings there
Pour out Thy blessings on our gifts
Which are given the poor

Verse 5
To Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Our God whom we adore
Be glory now and evermore
Ever world without end