In Thy great name, God Almighty

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    Verse 1
    In Thy great name, God Almighty
    We build this house of praise to Thee;
    Choose it for Thy special abode
    And keep it safe from all error.

    Verse 2
    When Thy people shall seek Thee here
    And sinners seek and plead for life;
    Hear us from Thy dwelling on high
    And when Thou shall hear, do forgive.

    Verse 3
    When Thy servant shall preach the word
    The gospel of Jesus Christ here,
    By the power in thy great name
    May signs and wonders be performed.

    Verse 4
    When infant voices sing their song,
    Hosanna to their king on high,
    May earth and heav'n join the refrain
    And all angels sing Hosanna.

    Verse 5
    May Thy glory never depart
    Yet, keep Thy presence in this house;
    Thy kingdom come to every heart
    Until Thou be enthroned on earth.