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[1 Kings:19:1-18].

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“Come  and  follow  me”  (Matthew 19:21).


The Angry Queen
Elijah had proved to the people who worshiped idols that idols could not hear and could not answer prayers. God had heard Elijah's prayer and in the sight of all the people had sent fire from Heaven that burned the sacrifice on the altar. Elijah had done everything just as God had commanded, and God had heard his prayer. He always does when men obey Him.

The wicked prophets were killed; but when the wicked queen heard about this it made her very angry, because they were her people and worshiped her idols. She blamed Elijah for it all, and said she was going to kill him.

Elijah's Fear
Elijah went far way from the wicked queen. He walked in the hot sun and perhaps was very hungry and very tired. He was so sad that he even asked God to let him die. But God had something for Elijah to do later on. Sometimes it is better for us that God does not answer every one of our prayers.

The Angel of the Lord
Often when people are sick or discouraged God speaks to them. Sometimes He sends angels to talk to people when they need help. God saw Elijah out there in the wilderness, asleep under the tree. God knew that Elijah was sad and hungry, so He sent an angel to him. The angel touched him and said, Arise and eat. Elijah awoke and looked, and there was a cake baked on some coals, and there was a bottle of water. So he ate and drank and lay down again. Later the angel of the Lord touched him again and told him to eat. Elijah ate and drank some more, and this food gave him enough strength for forty days and forty nights. Whatever we receive from God is good.

The Small Voice
He went until he came to a cave and went into it. God spoke to him there and asked him what he was doing. Elijah told God that the people were worshiping idols, and had killed the good men, and that they were also trying to kill him.

God told him to go and stand on the mountain. The Lord passed by him and a strong wind blew and broke the rocks; then there was an earthquake; then a fire. But the Lord was not in the wind, in the earthquake, nor in the fire. Elijah lived closed enough to God to hear His voice when he spoke. He covered his face with his mantle, and went out and stood in the entrance to the cave. Then he heard a still small voice say to him, What doest thou here, Elijah? He said again that he was very sad because people were worshiping idols instead of God. God told him to go on an errand for Him and put oil on a man's head to make him a king.

God told Elijah that although many people were worshiping idols, He still had a great many people who were worshiping Him. That made Elijah feel happy, no doubt, and he went out to do more work for God.

An Angel to Protect
God knows how to help people when they need His help He sent an angel to Elijah. Today, He still sends angels to men and women, and even children have seen the angel of the Lord. A young woman who has served the Lord since the time she was a child, tells an incident which happened during her childhood. One winter's night her father was away from home, and the mother was left alone with the children. A terrible storm arose and a fierce wind shook the house. The child was in a room upstairs and her mother was downstairs. The little girl became very much frightened and began praying. Presently she saw a most beautiful, large angel standing in the room, with wings outstretched, at the foot of her bed. She knew that the Lord had sent the angel to take care of her and the family. She was no longer afraid, but knew that the angel would protect them from all danger. However, we do not always see the angels that may be protecting us.

We are always safe when God protects us; and He has promised that He will take care of us if we ask Him to do so, and believe His promises. We are certain that He protects us many times when we do not even know that we are in danger. He is a loving Father who cares for His children. If we listen carefully we may hear His sweet voice speaking to us. He always speaks to us through His Holy Word.


1. What did the wicked queen plan to do to Elijah? [1 Kings:19:2].
2. Tell what happened while he was sleeping under the tree. [1 Kings:19:5-6].
3. What three things happened while Elijah was standing on the mountain? [1 Kings:19:11-12].
4. Was God in them? [1 Kings:19:11-12].
5. How did God then speak to Elijah? [1 Kings:19:12-13].