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[Joshua:3:1-17]; [Joshua:4:1-24].

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“With God all things are possible”  (Matthew 19:26).


The Good Spies
The two spies did not come back as some of the others had done, afraid of the high walls they saw, an the big men there. When the people heard those things, it made them all afraid, too. But the good spies said that although there were high walls and big men, they believed the people could, with God’s great help, take the city.

A Path Through the River
After spending three days in getting ready to cross the river, Joshua told the people what they should do. He said they should pray, and sanctify themselves, so that God would help them. Then he said that when they saw the priests go, the people should follow at a short distance. When they reached the edge of the river the priests should step into the water. They had to have much faith in God to do that.

They did as Joshua told them to do. God made the water stand up like a great wall and the people walked across on dry land.

Remember His Kindness
Joshua told twelve men to take twelve stones out of the middle of the river; from the place the priests had stood until the people crossed over. The twelve stones were taken to the place the people camped, and were left there as a mark of what God had done for them. When their children would ask what that pile of stones meant, then they could tell them what God had done for them and how He had brought them across the Jordan on dry land. God expects parents to tell their children about Him.

God wants all people to remember His kindness to them, and to be thankful. He wants them to know that He is willing and able to help them no matter how hard it may seem to them to do the thing God tells them to do. Nothing is too hard for God to do. If they remember what He has done and are thankful to Him, they will believe Him and trust Him and have His help all the time. God is love; and he is glad to help all who obey Him and look to Him for help. He has promised it in His Holy Bible.


1. Who led the way when the people cross the Jordan? [Joshua:3:14].
2. What happened when the feet of the priests touched the water? [Joshua:3:16].
3. Was the riverbed dry, where they crossed over? [Joshua:3:17].
4. What did the twelve men take out of the middle of the river? [Joshua:4:8].
5. What happened to the waters of Jordan after the people had crossed over? [Joshua:4:18].