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“If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink” (John 7:37).


The People forgot God’s goodness to Them
Although God had taken good care of the people with Moses while on their journey through that strange land, they seemed to forget it when they were they were in trouble again. God had gone before them by day in a cloud, and at night in a pillar of fire; and had showed them the best places to travel. When they found bitter water to drink, God told them how to make it sweet. When they needed food, God sent them the delicious manna and quails to eat.

Now they had no water to drink and they and their cattle were thirsty. The seemed to forget that God had given them water before and could do it again. They complained again. It was God they were really complaining against, because God had told them to leave their home in Egypt and go to another country.

When God told them to go through this country He knew that there would not always be water and food for them, but He intended to provide everything for them if they would trust Him to take care of them all the way. They said, “Is the LORD among us, or not?” That was very unkind, and they were very ungrateful to God.

God Had Mercy on Them
When they complained against God and against their leader, Moses, God might have punished them for it and might have permitted them to be without water. But God was kind and merciful again and told Moses what to do to get water for them.

The Water Came from the Rock
Moses had done wonderful things with his rod. Now God was going to give him power to do another miracle. God said that Moses should take three men with him and go to a rock He would show him. God would be there.

God told Moses to strike the rock with his rod. Moses did as God told him and water came out of the rock, and the people had plenty of good water to drink. God always gives the best of everything.

Only God could cause the water to come out of a rock, but there is nothing that God cannot do. They should have trusted God and not have complained. When they complained they complained against God Who had done many wonderful things for them. They should have been thankful to God and should have trusted Him because He had always helped them when they needed Him.


1. Why did the people murmur this time? [Exodus:17:3].
2. Was the Lord pleased with their murmurings? [Psalms:78:18-21].
3. What did the Lord tell Moses to do? [Exodus:17:5-6].
4. Who brought the water out of the rock? [Exodus:17:6]; [Psalms:78:16].
5. Who held up Moses’ hands? [Exodus:17:12].