We lay down this foundation, Lord

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Verse 1
We lay down this foundation, Lord
In Thy name, our Lord Jesus Christ
We beseech Thee our dear Saviour
Keep this holy place in Thy care.

Verse 2
And when these Thy people seek Thee
And sinner seek Thee in this house
Hear, Almighty from heav'n above
O Lord our God, forgive their sins.

Verse 3
When Thy ministers preach the Word
The gospel of Jesus Thy Son,
Almighty God, in Thy great name
Wrought out wonderful miracles.

Verse 4
And when the little children sing
Their hymns of praise unto their king
Let angels join them in praise
And earth and heav'n lend their chorus.

Verse 5
Jehovah will Thou dwell with us
In this our wicked, sinful world?
Jesus Christ will Thou be our king?
Holy Ghost will Thou find rest here?

Verse 6
May Thy glory never depart
From this house that we are building
Make Thy kingdom within our hearts
And establish Thy throne within.