We sing a song of Thy great love

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Verse 1
We sing a song of Thy great love
Almighty and glorious God
There's nought Thy power cannot provide,
Thy goodness endureth for aye

Verse 2
In love He created the world,
And He made man to dwell in it,
And have dominion over all,
Sing a song to our Creator

Verse 3
Every day He takes care of us,
He feeds and provides all our needs,
Without asking ought of our hand,
Praise our God the giver of all

Verse 4
He finds us roaming in darkness,
Not knowing how to worship Him
In His love He showed us the way
Praise His name, our benefactor

Verse 5
In love He gave Jesus to us
Christ, His only begotten Son
He came to redeem us from sin
We praise Thy great love, our Saviour

Verse 6
In love He sent His word to us
And this Thy love opened our ears,
And established us in faith
Sing His wonderful grace to us

Verse 7
Creation is full of Thy love
Our God, King of the universe,
All join the chorus of His praise
And sing of the love of our God