When Jesus left His Father's throne,

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    Verse 1
    When Jesus left His Father's throne,
    He chose an humble birth;
    Like us, unhonour'd and unknown,
    He came to dwell on earth

    Verse 2
    Like Him may be found below,
    In wisdom's path of peace;
    Like Him in grace and knowledge grow,
    As years and strength increase

    Verse 3
    Sweet were His words and kind His look,
    When mothers round Him press'd;
    Their infants in His arms He took,
    And on His bosom bless'd

    Verse 4
    Safe from the world's alluring harms,
    Beneath His watchful eye,
    Thus in the circle of His arms
    May we for ever lie

    Verse 5
    When Jesus into Salem rode,
    The children sang around;
    For joy they pluck'd the palms, and strow'd
    Their garments on the ground

    Verse 6
    Hosanna our glad voices raise,
    Hosanna to our King!
    Should we forget our Saviour's praise,
    The stones themselves would sing