Why should I fear the darkest hour,

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Verse 1
Why should I fear the darkest hour,
Or tremble at the tempter's power?
Jesus vouchsafes to be my tower

Verse 2
Though hot the flight, why quit the field?
Why must I either fly or yield,
Since Jesus is my mighty shield?

Verse 3
I know not what may soon betide,
Or how my wants shall be supplied;
But Jesus knows, and will provide

Verse 4
Though sin would fill me with distress,
The throne of grace I dare address,
For Jesus is my righteousness

Verse 5
Though faint my prayers, and cold my love,
My steadfast hope shall not remove,
While Jesus intercedes above

Verse 6
Against me earth and hell combine;
But on my side is power divine;
Jesus is all, and He is mine