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[2 Kings:4:1-7]

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"Give us this day our daily bread" ([Matthew:6:11]).


A Shining Light
Elisha was using the power which God had given him when he received the mantle of Elijah. He was busy working for Jesus. We learned that he healed the bad water; he caused the poison to be taken out of food; and he had fed a hundred men with 20 barley loaves and some ears of corn, and there was food left over.

Jesus said that men do not light a candle to put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, and it gives light to all that are in the house. He also said, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Other people see a good man's life and it makes them want to be that way, too. Elisha was letting his light shine, and the people knew to whom they should go for help when they were in trouble.

The Worried Mother
A woman who loved God came to Elisha and told him that her husband was dead, and she was very poor. Now the man to whom she owed some money, and was unable to pay, was coming to take away her two sons as payment. Perhaps he would make slaves of them.

The Kind Elisha
Elisha was always ready to help those who were in trouble and he asked her what she wanted him to do for her. She said she had no food in the house except a pot of oil. Elisha told her to go to her neighbours and borrow empty pots, and borrow many of them. Elisha said that after she had borrowed many vessels she should go into her house, shut the door, and she and her sons should pour out oil into all the vessels she had borrowed.

The Vessels Filled
Her sons brought a number of vessels to her. She did just as Elisha had told her to do, and began to pour oil. She filled one vessel after another until all the vessels she had were full of oil. Then she asked her sons to bring some more, but they said they could not find any more. No doubt God would have given her oil for as many more vessels a she had ready.

The Debt Paid
When she saw the oil she had she must have been very thankful to God for giving it to her, and she went and told Elisha. Then he said that she could sell the oil and pay the man she owed, and keep the rest for herself and her sons. God wanted her to be honest and pay what she owed, and then He let her have the rest. God will always take care of His children who are honest and who trust Him.

A Christian Family
Even children, too, can work for Jesus and let their light shine. We sometimes sing, "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam," which means that we must let our lives tell others about Jesus and they will also learn to love Him.

A number of years ago a family moved to Portland from Canada. There were 4 children – 3 boys and a girl. Two of the boys, Stanley age 16, and Alexander age 14, went home to be with Jesus within a few months of each other, after short periods of sickness. The lives of these two boys are still remembered by those who knew them. Alex often gave his testimony in the children's meetings.

The home where these children lived was an old-fashioned Christian home. We can picture in our mind what took place in that home when the children were small. Every evening after supper the children asked the parents to read to them. Alex would run and jump upon his father's lap, saying, "Papa, will you read to us tonight?" "Yes," was the father's reply. "Call me when you are ready." The children went to bed and called the father a few moments later. "What shall I read?" asked their father. Alex was quick to answer. "If you don't mind, I would like you to read about Jesus."

Each of the four children had a little prayer room of his own, where he spent much time every day in reading the Word and in prayer. Each little room had a table with a Bible on it. The mother said that at times she could hardly get the children to eat their meals, as they were praying and wanted to continue.

One day Alex was taken very sick with appendicitis. A Christian doctor told the parents that the child would not live unless the saints would unite in prayer for his healing. The boy was suffering very much pain.

The people of God prayed and Jesus healed the boy instantly. Shortly afterwards Alex and his father were riding on the street car when a man asked the father if he knew of a good doctor. Alex whispered to his father, "Tell him about our Doctor." His father hesitated, but Alex kept insisting, until the father said to the man, "This boy wants me to tell you about our Doctor." Then the father told how he had been healed of heart trouble and Alex of appendicitis. The man was much interested. Alex was very much pleased that his father had testified for Jesus.

Later, Alex became very sick. When his little sister Dorothy came into his room she looked at him and cried. He could not speak, but smiled sweetly at her. His last words before he went to be with Jesus in Heaven were "The Blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanseth me from all sin."

The other two children are twins and today, the young man and woman are still faithfully serving the Lord. They are letting their light shine or Jesus in their daily life.


1. To whom did the widow tell her trouble? [2 Kings:4:1].
2. Did the woman have anything at all to eat in the house? [2 Kings:4:2].
3. What did Elisha tell her to do? [2 Kings:4:3-4].
4. What happened when she obeyed Elisha? [2 Kings:4:5-6].
5. Does God ever forsake His children? [Psalms:37:25]; [Hebrews:13:5].