Behold, what star is this

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Verse 1
Behold, what star is this
How beautiful and bright!
A guide it is to the Gentiles
To the king of glory

Verse 2
Behold, the wisemen all
Came from the Orient,
They came and made their obeisance
To Jesus Christ the Blest

Verse 3
May Thou light of the soul
Do illumine our land,
Show the way and how to follow
Our Lord Emmanuel

Verse 4
May ancestral spirits
And their groves and green trees
That are worshipped in heathen lands
Give way to Jesus Christ

Verse 5
May high priests of the groves
All over Africa
Become true wisemen indeed, to
Receive Jesus' offering

Verse 6
Father and Creator
Who revealed Jesus to
The heathens of those early days
Reveal Him to us too