The Chief Controller of heaven,

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Verse 1
The Chief Controller of heaven,
Merciful and all wise God;
My times are in Thy hand, Lord,
Thy word is the end of all.

Verse 2
By Thy word the world was made
My birth also by the word,
Parents, lands and things of time
They are all made by the word.

Verse 3
Times of sickness and of health,
Times of poverty and wealth,
Times of temptations and wrath,
Times of vict'ry and of help.

Verse 4
Times to know Satan's tactics
Times of taste of Jesus love,
Seasons come and seasons go,
As our friend in heaven wills.

Verse 5
Thou who art full of all grace,
I to Thee my soul commend,
I will confess Thy great love,
I bend down my knees to Thee.