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[Matthew:10:1-15]; [Matthew:28:18-20]; [Romans:10:13-17].

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“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,” (Matthew 28:19).

While we have the privilege of going to Sunday School on every Lord’s day, we may not know that several thousands of children are in many places on this earth who have never heard about Jesus. There is no Sunday School they can attend, no one has ever told them that Jesus died to save sinners and that He wants them to live with Him in Heaven; they are still in darkness.

As children, we must be ready to tell the story of the Gospel of salvation to sinners in singing, in instrumentation, by telling our testimonies, bringing our friends to Sunday school, by visiting our sick friends and distributing Gospel materials to people.

To be qualified to tell the story of Jesus, we must be saved from our lives of sin. When one is forgiven his sins, he becomes a child of God and from that time he will be able to tell the wonderful story of salvation to others. After salvation we have to be cleansed (have a pure heart) through the experience of Sanctification. After this, we have to be baptized with the Holy Spirit which gives us power to work for God.

Item 1: What is evangelism? Evangelism is telling the Gospel story of Salvation to sinners. [Matthew:28:19-20]; [Isaiah:52:7]; [Mark:5:15-20]; [Acts:13:1-5].

Item 2: In what other ways can we tell the Gospel story?
- By singing and playing musical instruments. [1 Samuel:16:14-23]; Psalms:100:1-5.
- By telling our testimonies. II King:5:2-3; [John:4:28-30], [John:4:39]; [Acts:26:1-5], [Acts:26:12-19].
- By inviting people to the Church. [John:1:45-46]; [Numbers:10:29].

Item 3: How can we be qualified to tell the Gospel story?
- We must be born again. [John:6:28-29]; [John:1:11-13].
- We must be sanctified. [John:17:15-17].
- We must have the power for service. [Acts:1:8]; [Acts:2:1-4], [Acts:2:14], [Acts:2:41].
- We must know the word of God very well. [John:7:16-17]; [2 Timothy:2:6].
- We must be sent. [Acts:8:14-15]; [Acts:13:1-5].

Are you ready to tell the Gospel story? Those who spread the Gospel story and they that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the stars for ever and ever. Are you spreading the Gospel? If not what is hindering you from bearing good fruit of kindness and love and watch the little seed grow fast. You could be of help for the Gospel’s growth until Jesus comes back to take those who are ready to meet Him. “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!” [Isaiah:52:7]).

Oh God, give us more men and women to work for the glory of God at the expense of their natural wants and wishes in order to win Africa for Christ. Amen.