Father, before Thy throne of light

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Verse 1
Father, before Thy throne of light
The guardian angels bend,
And ever in Thy presence bright
Their psalms adoring blend;
And casting down each golden crown,
Beside the crystal sea,
With voice and lyre, in happy choir,
Hymn glory, Lord, to Thee.

Verse 2
And as the rainbow lustre falls
Athwart their glowing wings,
While seraph unto seraph calls,
And each Thy goodness sings;
Oh may we feel, as low we kneel
To pray Thee for Thy grace,
That Thou art here for all who fear
The brightness of Thy face.

Verse 3
Here, where the angels see us come
To worship day by day,
Teach us to seek our heavenly home,
And serve Thee e'en as they;
With them to raise our notes of praise,
With them Thy love to own,
Till life's first flower and fullest power
Be Thine, and Thine alone.