God's peace be unto this house

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Verse 1
God's peace be unto this house
And all those dwelling therein
May God's peace from heav'n above
Dwell on earth with men of peace;
Let the Holy Ghost descend
That the blessing may come down;
Prince of peace, receive Thy crown
And the fulness of Thy grace.

Verse 2
Christ, Thou art my Lord and God
Let me Thy good herald be;
Remember Thy word, we pray
Visit them and visit me;
Let salvation enter in
This house and all that dwell there,
Deliver our hearts from sin
Make us Thy holy abode.

Verse 3
Do not let us grow weary
Till the promise is fulfilled,
Until we shall be Thine own
By our being sanctified;
Grant that our love be renewed
That we find our lost blessing
And may we be the temple of
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.