Hark, creation's Alleluia,

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Verse 1
Hark, creation's Alleluia,
Rising from a thousand shores,
Vibrates sweet as angel voices,
Loud as many waters, roars, ?
`Blessing, glory, power, salvation
To our God upon the throne,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Infinite, supreme, alone`

Verse 2
On and on, from dawn to sunset,
Borne on every changeful wind,
From the myriad-minded peoples
Of the hoary climes of Ind,
From the ransomed sons of Afric,
From old Sinim's crowded lands,
From the freeborn wanderers roaming
Araby's unconquered sands

Verse 3
From the coasts of ice to regions
Where perpetual summer smiles,
From the sunny-hearted children
Of the far Pacific isles,
From the numbers without number
Of rejoicing Christendom,
From the watchers for His advent
Who will soon to Zion come;

Verse 4
Gathering strength from every nation,
Every kindred, tribe and tongue,
Hark, that everlasting anthem,
Hark, that glorious tide of song,
Floods the valley with its music,
Echoes from the lasting hills,
Onward, upward, till the temple
Of the living God it fills

Verse 5
Hark, it mingles with the raptures
Of the armies of the sky,
Who have passed through tribulation
Into perfect rest on high,
Clothed in robes of spotless beauty,
Palms of triumph in their hand,
Harping on their harps Hosannas,
As before His face they stand:

Verse 6
`Glory unto Him who loved us,
Him who washed us with His blood,
Kings and priests henceforth for ever
To our Father and our God,
Alleluia! saints and angels,
Raise your loudest, loftiest strains:
Alleluia! hell is vanquished:
God the Lord Almighty reigns`