How sweet the hour of closing day,

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Verse 1
How sweet the hour of closing day,
When all its peaceful and serene,
And the broad sun's retiring ray
Sheds a mild lustre o'er the scene!

Verse 2
Such is the Christian's parting hour;
So peacefully he sinks to rest,
And faith, rekindling all its power,
Lights up the langour of his breast.

Verse 3
There is a radiance in his eye,
A smile upon his wasted cheek;
That seems to tell us of his glory nigh,
In language that no tongue can speak.

Verse 4
A beam from heaven is sent to cheer
The pilgrim on his gloomy road;
And angels are attending near,
To bear him to their bright abode.

Verse 5
O Lord, that we may thus depart,
Thy joys to share, Thy face to see,
Impress Thine image on our heart,
And teach us now to walk with Thee.