Jehovah, the Lord of glory

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Verse 1
Jehovah, the Lord of glory
Let the children praise Thy name
We humbly bow down before Thee
Thy great goodness is our song;
Seraph hosts, join us in praising
His loving kindness on high;
O Lord, God of glory hear us
As we praise Thy holy name.

Verse 2
Emmanuel, Thou who art born
And then hanged upon the cross;
Thou hast called the little children
That they should come unto Thee,
Lord, we have come to answer Thee
Let us Thy mercy receive,
That we and all Thy dear children
Come to love and serve Thee best.

Verse 3
O, that we would live to love Thee
And to fear Thee all our life,
And at last come and dwell with Thee
Behold Thee and praise Thy name
Jesus, Thou God of all comforts
The greatest of friends, arise
Bless us with Thy great salvation
And accept our hymns of praise.