Jesus, do manifest Thyself

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Verse 1
Jesus, do manifest Thyself
At this matrimony
We beseech Thee to come, O Lord
Reveal Thyself to us.

Verse 2
Pour out Thy blessings on these ones
Whose hands are joined in one
Look down in favour of their match
And bless this their union.

Verse 3
Fill both their bosoms with Thy love
Give to them contentment
Give them Thy peace O Lord, we pray
And supply all their needs

Verse 4
Through Thy perfect love, make them one
That they, may by Christ's love,
Make domestic cares become light
By helping each other.

Verse 5
Let them be help to each other
In matters of their faith
And bless thou them with good children
Who will stablish their home.