Jesus who came down to save

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Verse 1
Jesus who came down to save
Went down to River Jordan;
He came out from the water
And we know Him as God's Son
Through the Father's voice from heav'n
And the descent of the dove;
Jesus Christ, my great guide Thou
I would be baptized like Thee

Verse 2
In the garden, where He prayed
Grief o'er flowed Him like a flood,
On the cross of Calvary
There, the Saviour died for me
Nailed together with the Lord
My hope is that, Jesus died;
I have my place by His feet,
I suffer all things for Him

Verse 3
In a new tomb was He laid
He, the fear and dread removed
He, the stone grave could not hold
And was glorified for aye,
I would be buried with Christ
As th'ordinance I partake,
As I'm raised from the water
A new life with God to live