`For my sake and the Gospel's, go

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Verse 1
`For my sake and the Gospel's, go
And tell Redemption's story,`
His heralds answer, `Be it so,
And Thine, Lord, all the glory!`
They preach His Birth, His Life, His Cross,
The love of His Atonement
For Whom they count the world but loss,
His Easter, His Enthronement

Verse 2
Hark, hark, the trump of Jubilee
Proclaims to every nation,
From pole to pole, by land and sea,
Glad tidings of salvation:
As nearer draws the day of doom,
While still the battle rages,
The Heavenly Dayspring through the gloom
Breaks on the night of ages

Verse 3
Still on and on the anthems spread
Of Hallelujah voices,
In concert with the holy Dead
The warrior Church rejoices;
Their snow-white robes are washed in Blood,
Their golden harps are ringing;
Earth and the Paradise of God
One Triumph-song are singing

Verse 4
He comes, Whose Advent Trumpet downs
The last of Time's evangels,
Emmanuel crowned with many crowns,
The Lord of Saints and Angels:
O Life, Light, Love, the great I AM,
Triune, Who changest never,
The Throne of God and of the Lamb
Is Thine, and Thine for ever!