O Lord our God in heaven

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Verse 1
O Lord our God in heaven
Thy tabernacle here
The dwelling of Thy love
No beauty can compare
How my heart longs
For to ascend
To Thy dwelling
On high, my God

Verse 2
Joy fills the hearts of those
Who worship where God chose
Who go there oft to serve
And to worship our God
They praise Thee still
Joy is the lot
Of those who love
Thy holy hill

Verse 3
And on from strength to strength
In this miserable world
Until they up ascend
And appear before Thee,
Glorious abode
Where God shall guide
Our footsteps till
We reach that place

Verse 4
The Lord God is our shield
Light and wall of defence
His hands are filled with gifts
We receive blessings there
There is great joy
Reserved for those
Who trust in Thee
O Lord, our God