O Lord, put Thy seal upon

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Verse 1
O Lord, put Thy seal upon
This wedlock that we witness
In Thy honour, meet with us
Bless their promises of love
Make this fellowship holy
For them and also with Thee.

Verse 2
Thou wert present in Cana
In a marriage, just as this
Meet with us while we are here
Thou, the fountain of blessings
Adorn this marriage with joy
Such as the world cannot give.

Verse 3
Not for miracle we ask
Such as water be made wine
But all of our heart desire
Is that we taste of Thy love
May Thy power divine, we pray
Make holy our natural love.

Verse 4
O Lord, from today onward
Husband and wife let us be
How ever long it may be
To the very end with Thee
In the land of rest above
In Thy home high up in heav'n.