O Lord turn not Thy Face from me.

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Verse 1
O Lord turn not Thy Face from me.
Who lie in woefull state,
Lamenting all my sinful life
Before Thy mercy-gate

Verse 2
A gate that opens wide to those
That do lament their sin;
Shut not that gate against me Lord,
But let me enter in

Verse 3
So come I to Thy mercy-gate,
Where mercy doth abound;
Imploring pardon for my sin,
To heal my deadly wound

Verse 4
O Lord! I need not to repeat
The comfort I would have;
Thou knowest, Lord, before I ask,
The blessing I do crave

Verse 5
Mercy, good Lord, mercy, I ask,
This is the total sum;
For mercy, Lord, is all my suit,
Lord, let Thy mercy come!