O loving Shepherd, care for us

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Verse 1
O loving Shepherd, care for us
In these perilous times
Give unto all Thy disciples,
The power to watch and pray.

Verse 2
When our trials persist, O Lord
And afflictions increase,
Grant that our hearts rely on Thee,
In long prevailing prayers.

Verse 3
The spirit of supplication
In faith, give Thou to us
Until we shall behold Thy face,
And know Thy mighty name.

Verse 4
Until we are in communion,
And sweetest fellowship,
Let this be the heart's cry of all,
We will not let Thee go.

Verse 5
I will not let Thee go except
Thou tells Thy name to me,
Oh, bless me with Thy salvation
And let me be like Thee.

Verse 6
O, let me clearly see Thy face
Up there in heaven above,
Where faith will be transformed to sight,
And prayer becomes our praise.