Redemption work is o'er

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Verse 1
Redemption work is o'er
Jesus has fought with death,
He rose triumphant o'er the grave
The Lord is victorious.

Verse 2
The promise He has made
For His own disciples
The mighty God and powerful
His truth He has proclaimed.

Verse 3
After the Lord arose
He showed a mighty sign,
A sign nobody ever showed
To confirm His honour.

Verse 4
The mighty sign is this
He ascended to heaven
Without a wing and no ladder
He went into the skies.

Verse 5
His many disciples
Were sad that He has gone,
With love He gave them the promise
That He'll come back again.

Verse 6
When He will come again
It's with great power and might
And He shall gather all His own
To His Father above.

Verse 7
O Lord, count me among
Those that belong to Thee,
To be with Thee for ever in
Thy kingdom without end.