See, the Conqueror mounts in triumph,

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Verse 1
See, the Conqueror mounts in triumph,
See the King in royal state,
Riding on the clouds, His chariot,
To His heavenly palace gate;
Hark! the choirs of Angel voices
Joyful Alleluias sing,
And the portals high are lifted
To receive their Heavenly King.

Verse 2
Who is this that comes in glory,
With the trump of jubilee?
Lord of battles, GOD of armies,
He has gained the victory;
He Who on the Cross did suffer,
He Who from the grave arose,
He has vanquished sin and Satan,
He by death has spoiled His foes.

Verse 3
While He lifts His hands in blessing,
He was parted from His friends;
While their eager eyes behold Him,
He upon the clouds ascends;
He Who walked with God and pleased Him,
Preaching truth and doom to come,
He, our Enoch, is translated
To His everlasting home.

Verse 4
Now our heavenly Aaron enters,
With His blood, within the veil;
Joshua now is come to Canaan,
And the kings before Him quail;
Now He plants the tribes of Israel
In their promised resting place:
Now our great Elijah offers
Double portion of His grace.

Verse 5
Thou has raised our human nature
On the clouds to GOD's right Hand;
There we sit in Heavenly places,
There with Thee in glory stand:
JESUS reigns, adored by Angels;
MAN with GOD is on the Throne;
Mighty LORD, in Thine Ascension
We by faith behold our own.