See these ones in white apparel

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Verse 1
See these ones in white apparel
Standing by the river's brink
That backs turned to the world and sin
And waiting to be baptised
And expecting,
To fulfil the Lord's command

Verse 2
Behold, how they stand there in fear
But they not of hope bereft
They know that their blessed Saviour
Commanded their immersion
Jordan is cold,
But their faith is waxing hot

Verse 3
Behold and see, other brethren
Their elders in Jesus Christ
Stretch out hands of love to help them
They have been like them before
At this moment,
They rejoice in pardoning grace.

Verse 4
Go, follow your Saviour and Lord
Behold with the eye of faith
The heavens open: God's spirit
Loudly saying from heaven
''These disciples,
Are my beloved children''