Stand, soldier of the cross,

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Verse 1
Stand, soldier of the cross,
Thy high allegiance claim,
And vow to hold the world but loss
For thy Redeemer's Name.

Verse 2
Arise, and be baptized,
And wash thy sins away;
Thy league with God be solemnized,
Thy faith avouched today.

Verse 3
Our heavenly country now,
Our Lord and Master, thine,
Receive imprinted on thy brow
His passion's awful sign.

Verse 4
No more thine own, but Christ's ---
With all the saints of old,
Apostles, seers, evangelists,
And martyr throngs enrolled.

Verse 5
In God's whole armour strong,
Front hell's embattled powers:
The warfare may be sharp and long,
The victory must be ours.

Verse 6
Oh, bright the conqueror's crown,
The song of triumph sweet,
When faith casts every trophy down
At our great Captain's feet.