''Thine ? Thine for ever'' ? blessed bond

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Verse 1
''Thine ? Thine for ever'' ? blessed bond
That knits, us, Lord to Thee;
May voice, and heart, and soul respond
Amen, so let it be

Verse 2
When this world strikes its dulcet harp,
And earth our heaven appears,
Be ''Thine for ever`, clear and sharp,
God's trumpet in our ears

Verse 3
When sin in pleasure's soft disguise
Would work us deadliest harm,
May ''Thine for ever'' from the skies
Steal down, and break the charm

Verse 4
When Satan flings his fiery darts
Against our weary shield,
May ''Thine for ever'' in our hearts
Forbid us faint or yield

Verse 5
Thine all along the flowery spring,
Along the summer prime,
Till autumn fades in welcoming
The silver frost of time

Verse 6
''Thine, Thine for ever,'' body, soul,
Henceforth devote to Thee,
While everlasting ages roll
Amen, so let it be