Thy righteousness alone, my God, not mine

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Verse 1
Thy righteousness alone, my God, not mine
Can only be the peace my heart craves for
Thy love alone can take away my fears
Can stem the storm that rage deep in my heart.

Verse 2
The cross tells me that Thou art Lord of love
And I read love, even upon Thy grave
All other love shall fail and come to naught
Thy love shall bear me o'er the sea of life.

Verse 3
Thou blessed me, and Thou saved my sinful heart
From hence forth, through endless eternity
When there was no help, Thou liftest me up
Above storms and billows of affliction.

Verse 4
Every hour, Lord, reveal Thyself to me
In the abundance of Thy glory Lord
Reveal Thyself in Thy mercy and might
Show me Thy love, Thy truth and righteousness.