Chronology of the History of The Apostolic Faith in Africa

  • -

    American Missionary, Frank E. Hein, went back to the US
    Became a worker in The Apostolic Faith Printing Plant
    Translated some tracts into Hausa language.
    Tracts translated to other African Languages and distributed all over Africa

  • TGO

    Brother Timothy Gbadebo Oshokoya received the first parcel of Gospel tracts from The Apostolic Faith International Headquarters. Portland, Oregon, USA.

  • On October 14, at 1.00 pm, Brothers Timothy Oshokoya. Lucas Obakoya and D. T. Robins met and adopted the doctrines of The Apostolic Faith, thus The Apostolic Faith began as an Organisation in Nigeria.
    Meeting started in Brother Obakoya's house at Mushin.
    Wednesday. November 8. the first evangelistic service of The Apostolic Faith was held with eight people in attendance.

  • The Church moved to 26. Little Road, Yaba. Lagos, in the sitting room of Sister Julianah Shenbanjo

  • November 2. The Church relocated from 26, Little Road. Yaba, to re-organise The Apostolic Faith work.
    November 5, morning prayer meeting started at 80. Denton Street, Ebute Meta, Lagos.
    November 16, the Church moved to 63 Ibadan Street, Ebute Meta.
    First visit to an educational institution.

  • On June 19. Brother Peter van der Puije went to Portland for camp meeting.
    In August, permission to establish The Apostolic Faith work was granted in Republic of Benin.
    The Faith of the Apostles Church in Ghana was affiliated to The Apostolic Faith Church of Portland, Oregon.
    In October Rev. George Hughes, who volunteered himself for Africa work, arrived in Accra, Ghana on his First missionary tour to Africa from The Apostolic Faith, Portland, Oregon, USA.

  • GMH

    Rev. George Hughes arrived Lagos on January, 8 in the company of Rev. Peter van der Puije of Accra, Ghana.
    Brother T.G. Oshokoya and Brother Lucas A. Obakoya were both ordained as ministers by Rev. George M. Hughes.
    Brothers Hughes, van der Puije and Oshokoya undertook a tour of The Apostolic Faith churches in the southern parts of Nigeria. They were joined by Rev. Philip O: Inyang.
    In July the Church was authorised to observe the ordinances.
    The first water baptism was held, and 17 saints baptised at 5.00am.
    General Office has its small beginning at 22, Simpson Street, Ebute Meta, Lagos.

  • Tour of the Eastern part of Nigeria by Brother Oshokoya.
    Brother Oshokoya attended the Camp meeting in Portland, Oregon, for the first time.

  • First Camp Meeting held in Lagos, Nigeria, from July 1-22.
    The first musical concert in Lagos, Nigeria, with eight people performing.
    Rev. George Hughes' Second Missionary trip to Africa.

  • Rev. George M. Hughes died at Robertsfield, Monrovia, Liberia and was buried there.
    The Apostolic Church Assemblies of Africa in Liberia, under the leadership of Rev. Peter Z. Manley, affiliated with The Apostolic Faith.

  • Missionary tour to the Eastern province of Nigeria by Brother T. in January.
    April 18, Dedication of The Apostolic Faith Church in Accra, Gold Coast, by Rev. T.G. Oshokoya.
    Camp meeting time in Lagos, Nigeria was changed to August.

  • January to March, Rev. T.G. Oshokoya undertook a missionary tour of Southern Africa.
    March 8. Rev. Peter O. van der Puije passed on to Glory.
    Rev. T.G. Oshokoya's second trip to Portland, Oregon
    November 8 - Construction work started on the new church site at 49, Moloney Street, Ebute Meta, Lagos.

  • The first Yoruba edition of The Apostolic Faith magazine titled Igbagbo Aposteli was printed.
    A 3-acre piece of land for campground at Onigbongbo purchased.
    Missionary tour to Ghana by Brother T.
    Missionary tours to Liberia and Sierra Leone by Brother T.
    November 30, first service held in the basement of the new church at 49, Moloney Street, Ebute Meta, Lagos, with 657 people in attendance.

  • Brother T toured the Eastern Nigeria in company of his daughter, Matilda and Sister Olive Dosunmu.
    Attendance at Lagos camp meeting rose to 1,500.

  • Campers lodged at Onigbongbo for the First time.
    Missionary trip to Cotonou for a one week revival by a Gospel team led by Brother T. Oshokoya.
    The Gospel team proceeded to Ghana and Liberia.

  • The Gospel team left Liberia for Sierra Leone on their homeward journey.
    Tour of Northern Nigeria by Brother T.

  • Dedication of The Apostolic Faith Church at Aiyetoro-Gbede. Kabba on May 4

  • February 4 to May 5, Brother T.'s missionary tour of Eastern Nigeria. During this time on April 4. Apostolic Faith Church at 50, Mbukpa Road, Calabar was dedicated. Sermon by Rev. T. G. Oshokoya

  • The Light of Hope was translated into Ihc French Language.

  • LCC

    Dedication of the Wooden Tabernacle on the Campground, Anthony Village. Lagos on August 20.
    Rev. & Mrs. Loyce C. Carver took part in the Lagos Camp meeting.

  • Revival meetings held in Accra, Ghana by Brother T and team.

  • Rev. and Mrs. L.C. Carver, Sister Ruth Ashwell and Rev. Reuel Green toured some African countries and attended the Lagos Camp meeting.

  • Brother Willie Cargo, leader of the Apostolic Faith work in Kenya, attended the Lagos Camp meeting.
    Rev. & Mrs. L.C. Carver attended Lagos for Camp meeting, and visited Accra, Ghana.

  • Missionary trip to Upper Volta, now Burkina Faso by Rev. and Mrs. Forrest Damron from the Portland Headquarters.
    The Apostolic Faith work started in Zambia.
    Dedication of an electronic two-manual organ in Lagos.

  • Foundation of the Great Tabernacle at Anthony Village campground laid on March 2.

  • Missionary trip to Republic of Benin and Burkina Faso by Brother T and his team

  • 3-month Extensive missionary tours of Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Kwara, Bendel, Anambra, Cross Rivers and Rivers State. The team also visited Accra, Ghana.

  • A new Heidelberg Kord Offset printing machine purchased.
    The Sunday School book series translated into Igbo language and published.

  • Another Gospel campaign in South Western Nigeria.

  • Modern Kitchen equipment installed in the Anthony Village campground kitchen.

  • Tabernacle

    Morgan Sengwayo, and family from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, attended Camp meeting in Lagos, Nigeria.
    Brother M'Bengani from Kinsasha, Congo, came to Lagos camp meeting.
    Saturday, August 1, dedication of the Great Tabernacle of The Apostolic Faith on Anthony village campground.
    The collected Gospel Songs book currently in use by the Church was published.
    Missionary trip to Zimbabwe by Rev. T. G. Oshokoya and a Gospel team.

  • Missionary tour to Liberia by Brother T.G.. Oshokoya and Brother Ibikunle.
    A GEC Telephone Equipment with 4 external lines and 25 extensions was purchased.
    Brother Peter Sone, leader of the work in Cameroon, passed on to Glory.

  • JOS

    Rev. T.G. Oshokoya, the Founder of The Apostolic Faith in Nigeria and first Africa Overseer, passed on to Glory on November 16 and was succeeded by Rev. J. O. Soyinka.

  • Brother and Sister Soyinka with Sister Dupe Ogunbiyi attended the camp meeting in Zambia
    Missionary trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe by Brother J. O. Soyinka and his wife.

  • Missionary trip to Accra, Ghana by Brother Soyinka.
    Brother Soyinka attended the camp meeting in Zambia

  • Missionary tours to Liberia and Ivory Coast by Brothers Soyinka and Ibikunle.
    The Church in Lusaka, Zambia, moved to permanent site in John Howard Compound on March 2.

  • Missionary trip to Ghana by Brother and Sister Dealyn George,
    Missionary trip to Ghana by Brothers E. E. Ene and S. K. J. Okorie.

  • April 21, Rev. Robinson Sanana, Overseer of Zambia passed on to Glory.
    Missionary trip to Democratic Republic of Congo by Brother Soyinka and team.

  • Missionary trip to Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo Brazzaville by Brother Soyinka and team.

  • The Orchestration Book for the Collected Gospel Songs was published.
    Missionary trip to Ghana by Brothers J. 0. Soyinka and Paul Akazue; Brother Paul Akazue was left behind in Ghana to oversee the work.
    Missionary trip to Cameroon by Brother Christopher Herbert and a Gospel team.

  • DLB

    Rev. Dwight L. Baltzell and his team visited Nigeria.

  • POA

    On September 4, Brother J. O. Soyinka passed on to glory.
    Brother Baltzell and his team arrived Lagos for the funeral of Brother Soyinka.
    October 3, Rev. Paul Akazue was introduced as the new Africa Overseer.
    October 17, Brother Akazue introduced Rev. Akwasi Debra as the new Overseer for Ghana.
    December, Brother Paul Akazue attended the camp meeting in Zimbabwe.

  • March 15, Brother Paul Akazue with a Gospel team toured the francophone countries in West Africa.
    June 26, Brother Paul O. Akazue's first trip to Portland, Oregon, for the camp meeting.

  • SRA

    October 22, Sister Ruth Ashwell, the African Correspondence Secretary, was called to Glory.

  • RDL

    January 23, Rev. Darrell Lee's first visit to Nigeria in the company of Brothers Cliff Paulsen and Jack Chasteen.
    January 28, foundation laying of the International Worship Centre at Igbesa campground by Brother Darrell Lee.
    January 30, Rev. Darrell Lee with his team including Rev. Paul Akazue left Lagos for Ghana.
    Brothers Darrel Lee, Cliff Paulsen and Jack Chasteen went back to the US
    February 1, Brothers Paul Akazue and John Aina left Accra for Monrovia, Liberia, for the camp meeting.
    October 10, the official opening of The Apostolic Faith Secondary School (AFSS), Lagos, Nigeria took place.

  • April   8,   The   Apostolic   Faith   Web   site   for Africa was launched.
    April 13, The first Radio Broadcast of The Apostolic Faith, service was aired on Eko FM 89.5, Lagos Nigeria.
    August 10, the first camp meeting at Igbesa was held under two giant tents air-freighted from South Africa.
    August 15, Brothers D. Baltzell and Cliff Paulsen arrived Igbesa for the camp meeting.
    August 28. Brothers Baltzell, Paulsen and Akazue travelled to Ghana for the camp meeting.