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HAVE you sought in vain to find healing for your body, and wondered where to turn next? God is still healing the sick and afflicted. Many who have exhausted the skill of man, have found healing through turning to the Lord.

      We share with you portions of a few of the many testimonies given in our services which reveal what God can do.

      One man expressed in this way his gratitude for what the Lord has done for him:

      “God’s love is deep and His arms are strong. That is why I am here, alive, today. On December 20, 1971, I lay on my deathbed in a Portland, Oregon, hospital. The doctors held little if any hope for my recovery. They had no record of anyone’s having lived as long as I had after a total kidney failure.

      “The only possible hope for me was a transplant or a kidney machine, and the doctors did not believe my heart was able to take either. I went into convulsions a number of times. Once I turned over on my bed to die, as I thought.

      “About this time, my mother-in-law called the Apostolic Faith people, asking them to pray, and they put me on their prayer list. A minister came to see me and asked me how it was with my soul. I appreciated his interest and thanked him for visiting me.

      “The very day my name was put on their prayer list, my kidneys started functioning and continued to function normally. The Lord completely healed me. The doctor could not understand what had happened. He had never heard of anything like this.

      “Through sickness, the Lord talked to my heart, and when I yielded to the call of the Spirit, He saved my soul, gave me peace and joy. I can say that these are the happiest days of my life. No trial that comes can take away the joy or that hope of everlasting life. I thank Him for the everyday nearness of His presence. He is with me all the time. The Gospel gets better every day. Sometimes it seems I can hardly keep my feet on the ground for the joy that is in my heart.” L.G.


Appendicitis and Cancer

      Years ago, a young woman came with her parents from the state of Kansas to Portland, Oregon, on a visit, and while here attended the Apostolic Faith church. She was still in her teens, but was thrilled with the Gospel. The second day in the city, she was stricken with a severe case of appendicitis. The ministers were called to pray for her and when they prayed, God healed her. Best of all, she gave her life to the Lord and He saved her soul.

      Her story continues: “Some years later, after I was married, a cancer was found in my body, and I suffered with it for a year and a half. The doctor said that I would die if I did not have an operation, but I believed God would heal me.

      “The ministers prayed for me, but when I did not receive an immediate healing – even felt worse the next day – I wondered if the Lord was requiring a deeper consecration from me. I rededicated my life to Him, to do what He would have me do, and I asked Him to let me live to care for our little daughter who needed a Christian mother’s guidance.

      “The Lord answered and completely healed me of that cancer; and now, many years later, I can say that I am still healed. My daughter is grown, and has a family of her own. We are all serving God together.

      “A few years ago, when my husband and I were planning an extended trip to visit our branch churches in the United States and Canada, I was told that I had a bad case of diabetes. I had hardly been able to sleep, and did not feel able to make the trip. The doctor had also told me I would probably go blind. But we decided to start our trip and trust God for my healing.

      “We attended the Midwest Camp Meeting, and I asked for prayer. The ministers anointed me with oil and prayed for me, as instructed in the Bible. The Lord instantly healed me and I slept soundly all night.

      “We completed our long trip by car, going on into Newfoundland, and after returning home, a thorough physical test verified my healing beyond a doubt. I have never had a trace of diabetes since then.

      “It is good to trust the Lord. I appreciate all He has done for me, and He can do the same for you.” G.D.


Numbness – Diabetic Neuritis – Eczema

      One who had been a backslider has told us what the Lord has done for him since he returned to Father’s house:

      “The Lord in His great love and mercy has saved my soul and done many wonderful things for me. Not many months ago, a numbness began in my feet and traveled toward my heart. A portion of my body was numb and even my tongue would go numb while I was eating. A specialist told me: ‘There is not much hope for you. Just pray that what you have does not get any worse.’ I knew where to go for help. I prayed and the Lord healed me.

      “I also had diabetic neuritis. My wife would wrap my body with elastic bandages from my armpits to below my waist. Then she would wrap my limbs to keep my clothes from touching my body. I often suffered all night, with possibly only 30 minutes’ sleep. This went on for more than three months. I lost 60 pounds during that time. Ministers came to my home and prayed for me, and others prayed. Thank God, He answered and healed me! Today I feel better in my body than I have for a long time, and I am able to give my strength in labor for the Master. S.F.


Heart Trouble

      A woman whose life was spared in a shooting incident and later was saved after being convicted of her sins in a dance hall, testified of her healing:

      “I had been having a problem with my heart for some time and went to see a doctor. X-rays were taken, and I was informed that my heart muscles were severely damaged. I also had a partial blockage from the heart to the brain.

      “After a bad attack, I lay in the hospital for three weeks, flat on my back, and the doctor said I would never be well again.

      “For ten years I suffered one heart attack after another. Within a period of four months, I had three attacks and was in the hospital under intensive care each time.

      “I was put on a strict diet and had to carry nitroglycerin tablets with me all the time because I would frequently pass out with no warning. I took four different medications every three hours for years. This was the only way I could live.

      “One day I received an Apostolic Faith paper from the Portland, Oregon, headquarters’ church, and read of the wonderful things God had done for others. I longed to attend one of their camp meetings and finally did. I had been converted some years before I came, and at the camp meeting the Lord sanctified me – and also baptized me with the Holy Ghost, a wonderful experience!

      “In 1973, the next time I came to camp meeting, I had a bad heart attack. The ministers prayed for me, and God healed me. I never had any more heart pains nor any more attacks. And I have not taken any more medication.

      “At 76 years of age, I am a well woman, able to work, and able to walk for miles at a time. My desire is to help others find the same wonderful Savior and Healer I have found.” M.S.



      A young man who had been an epileptic from the time he was a child, gives thanks to God for his complete healing:

      “I was saved as a small boy and gave my life to the Lord the best I knew how, but I did not have faith then for the healing of my affliction. I had epilepsy and people would say, ‘That boy shows promise, but he has a problem.’

      “The only way I could live a normal life was to take medication daily. But even while taking medication, I had no assurance that I would not have another seizure. One Christmas day I decided to believe God’s promise for my healing and trust Him. I put my case completely in His hands and took no medicine.

      “One day went by without any trouble, then two. Twenty days passed and I had had no problem. My faith grew stronger and stronger. Finally sixty days had gone by and I still was free from any seizures. By that time I knew God had healed me. He had healed me at the time I first believed and put my trust in Him. My healing has proved good for more than ten years. I made application for driving a Sunday school bus and was approved. I was taken off medical probation and given the proper driver’s license.

      “Today I am a well man, able to support my family, and live a normal life. I give God the praise for all the blessings He has bestowed upon my life.” C.B.

      After hearing what God has done for these people, we can say with the songwriter: “What He’s done for others He’ll do for you.”