Tonic Sol-fa

s; s, d: d:
d: d: d:-:
d; r, m: m:
m: m: r:-:
s; s, d:. t. d:
r: m:. r. s:
m. r. d:- r:- d:-:

1. There are angels hov'ring 'round
There are angels hov'ring 'round
There are angels, there are a...gels hov'ring 'round

2. They will carry the tiding home 2ce
They will ca...rry, they will ca...rry the tiding home

3 To the new Jerusalem 2ce
To the new, to the new, Jerusalem 2ce

4 Poor sinners are coming home

5 And Jesus bids them come.

6 Let him that heareth come.