Exodus:11:1-10; Exodus:12:1-51

Lesson 23 - Elementary

Memory Verse

“The eyes of the Lord are over the righteous”  (I Peter 3:12).


God Saw the Suffering of the Children of Israel
Joseph’s people had suffered a great deal, but God had seen their suffering and had heard their groaning. The King of Egypt wanted to keep them in his country because they worked hard and made bricks for him. At first they were given the straw that was put into the bricks, but now they were forced to find their own straw and make just as many bricks as before. If they did not make a certain number of bricks they were beaten.

God Sent Moses to Help His People
The baby in the basket on the river had become a grown man and had gone away from the king’s house. He was far away from there, but God knew where he was and called him to come to Egypt and help his people.

He gave Moses and his brother Aaron power to do miracles so that the people would know that God was working through those brothers.

God Sent the Terrible Plagues
After the plague of water turning into blood, the plague of frogs, lice, and many other plagues, the king still refused to let them go out of his country.

The King Grew Weary of Plagues
God told Moses to tell the Children of Israel to take the very best lamb of the sheep or the goats, keep it by itself 4 days and then kill it, roast it, and eat it. They were to put some of the blood on the side doorposts of their houses and on the upper doorposts. When He passed through the land that night He would not cause the eldest son to die if He saw the blood on the doorposts. This pointed forward to Jesus.

The Egyptians did not have the blood on their doorposts, and the eldest son in every home died.

Now the king was very glad to let them go out of the country. He must have realized that God was not pleased with the things he was doing.
Moses led the people out of the land as God had told him to do, and they were glad they had obeyed God.


1. What was to happen at midnight? [Exodus:11:4];[Exodus:11:5].
2. What kind of lamb should they kill? [Exodus:12:5].
3. What should they do with the blood? [Exodus:12:7].
4. Did the Children of Israel obey Moses’ commandments? [Exodus:12:28].
5. Was the king then willing to let the people go? [Exodus:12:31].