Lesson 24 - Elementary

Memory Verse

“Let not your heart be troubled”  (John 14:1).


God Went With the People
When god told the Israelites to go out of Egypt He went right with them to take care of them. In the daytime He led them by a beautiful white cloud, and at night by a pillar of fire. When the cloud stopped, the people stopped. When they followed God they did not go too fast nor go into dangerous places. It is always best to follow God.

The King Tried to Bring Them Back
Although Pharaoh had told the people to go out of his country, he changed his mind and took 600 of his best chariots, and many more chariots, and went after the people of Israel. When they knew that the Egyptians were following them, the people were afraid. There was a sea in front of them and their enemies were back of them, so they cried to the Lord for help.

Moses trusted God and told them not to be afraid. He said that they should trust God and see what great things God would do for them.

God Told Moses What to Do
God had given Moses power to do great things with his rod, and now God said that Moses should lift up his rod and there would be dry land for his people to pass over. The water would stand like a wall on both sides of the road. Moses obeyed God.

The Egyptians Were Drowned
The cloud with God in it was light to Moses and his people but darkness to the enemies. God let the wheels of their chariots come off and they had much trouble. They wished they could go back, but they could not get out of that place; for Moses again lifted up his rod and the water flowed back into the sea and covered the Egyptians. The people God was protecting walked on dry land and reached the shore in safety. They were thankful to God for His help.

Now they were certain that God was with Moses who trusted and obeyed Him. They found that it was good to do what Moses told them and what God told them to do.


1. What sign did the Lord give the people to show them the way? [EXO:13:21-22].
2. What did Moses do that made the waters divide? [EXO:14:21].
3. What happened to the Egyptians in the middle of the sea? [EXO:14:25].
4. Then what did Moses do? [EXO:14:27].
5. Who made the path dry in the midst of the sea? [EXO:14:30].